+ wise are the playful – playful are the wise +

I kick off this blog today, 8 March, International Women’s Day, which has always been a special one for me. One on which I celebrate womankind, all the amazing women in my life and the birthday of my most special of all – my mother, Happy Birthday! My first post below ‘eBhayi leading the way….?’ is about exciting new developments in her home town of eBhayi/Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. First though, I would like to pay tribute to another special woman…friend, healer, mother Nokhanyo Mhlana.

Today is also the day Nokhanyo will be laid to rest and I wanted to honour her spirit as she was someone who really understood the importance of play and playfulness. She was at once an old soul, full of wisdom, yet so childlike – open, uninhibited and brimming with love.


As one of our friends, Xolelwa Kashe-Katiya put it “All our children were easily drawn to her fairy-like demeanour, some of us called her the African Fairy. When she walked, she looked like she was dancing and when she spoke, she sounded like a High Priestess. At times she would just break into song without any warning. She was a living archive, a vessel filled with ancestral wisdom that she shared with those that surrounded her.”

We spoke a few times about the Hummingbird project, she gave me invaluable support and encouragement for my ideas and I was looking forward to roping her in to share her wisdom and playful energy with the children at the Centre. I’m so sad to see you go Nokhanyo but I know you are still here in many forms, especially in your daughter, ‘the flower of your life’ – Hlelumi.

For me, Nokhanyo’s message, her legacy, is that we may not lose our childlike spirit; that like children we remain present and open to love and learning; and we see the world for what it is, for “nothing is real except dreams and love…

Go well Sis.


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